DestinationRate/minuteCall set up
DestinationRate/minuteCall set up

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I Add Funds?

You can add funds to your calling balance at Nubefone Payment Site: www.nubefone.com/paymentsite.

You can use your debit card, credit card or your PayPal account.

If you are using the iPhone app you have the option of using your iTunes account to make an in app-purchase.


How can I know the rate for a specific phone number?

In the app, there is a blue icon with the shape of a price label next to each phone number that when you tap it the exact price for that specific number is shown.


How are the calls rated?

The calls are rated per minutes for destination which price is higher than 15 c/minute. The rest of the calls are rated per seconds.

There is no connection fee, excluding particular premium phone numbers.


Do my balance expire?

No, your balance will never expire.


I have an iPhone, can I add funds to my balance without using the App Store?

Yes, besides the in app-purchase, iPhone users can use the Nubefone Payment Site too, a more beneficial way for them: www.nubefone.com/paymentsite.


Do I save expenses of roaming with Nubefone?

No, you don’t. Your phone provider will probably charge you for Nubefone entry calls if you are outside your country.

Roaming is an extra charge from your phone provider that occurs when you use your SIM card outside its network. It’s applied in calls, messages and data access.

However, there are situations in roaming when the incoming calls price is cheaper than outgoing calls, then Nubefone can help you saving money.

Consult your phone provider´s roaming rates and conditions. If you want to know more about roaming, look up this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roaming


Which currency does Nubefone use?

It depends on the country, basically Euros for the European countries
and US Dollars for the others.