¡No SIM change needed!

Valid with any mobile provider

Regular phone call

The call is not over Internet, it is not VoIP.

Data connection or WiFi is not needed, as you are not connected during the call.

No cuts, no delays.

100% Phone call quality.

Dowload the app and start calling

Valid with any mobile provider

No SIM change needed

Available for IOS and Android

Free credit gift for new users

Colombia Rates

* Rates depend on the origin country of the Nubefone number being used.

Add funds

Points of sale

Add Funds OnLine medios de recarga

Go to payment site

Better than prepaid cards and calling plans

NO extra fees

NO access codes

NO expiration

Nubefone Family

One Nubefone account for the whole family
Add funds once and share your balance with all users

Recommend Nubefone

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Free credit gift for new users